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Why I Stopped Consulting For FREE – And So Should You!

Why I Stopped Consulting For FREE – And So Should You!

There are 4 things that will happen once you stop consulting and
advising for FREE.

Step #1 – 
People will get mad. This is an undeniable fact and most business owners
know this and generally go to great lengths to avoid it. We don’t want
people not to like us or think we are acting “bougee” so we go with the
flow even when we know better.

Step #2 – 
You will lose some followers. This is a direct response to point #1 above –
people get pissed and they will unsubscribe from your email list and/or
stop following you on social media. On the other hand, what I see more than
not is that people will continue to follow you, watch your videos and read
the content you put out – especially if it’s great content. BUT – they
still won’t “like” you and will talk bad about you. Let them. 🙂

Step #3 – 
You will find your true tribe and within that, you will identify your ideal
client. Your true tribe will be first in line to pay for your services so
you can resolve their pain points. Your true tribe understands that you
don’t consult for free. BUT most importantly – your true tribe VALUES your
expertise. And that, my friends, is priceless. 

Step #4 –
You will make wayyyy more money. Removing deadweight + finding true tribe
+ identifying ideal client = $$$$ But, it’s not until you go through the
pain of pissing a few folks off and dealing with the fact that people will
talk negatively around you that you can cross over to the money-making

What has been your experience? Agree or disagree?

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