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Danielle Pierce is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker with a passion and extensive knowledge for all things real estate and entrepreneurship. She tailors her approach so it is unique to each audience. So, whether you are looking to book a speaker for a professional women’s conference, youth entrepreneur group, disadvantaged youth organization or general networking event, Danielle is sure to bring insightful and thoughtful commentary.

Whew!!!! It’s Been A Rough Few Days!

Whew!!!! It’s Been A Rough Few Days!

Hi, Danielle

It’s been sooo much going on the past few days. I literally had to take
some down time to recoup.

Our relationship is pretty new, so you likely aren’t aware of the recent
closing of my Facebook group. It was definitely time for some new members,
energy, and strategies.

The great news is that I am opening another Facebook group sometime during
the month of February.

I’m debating about the name right now and it’s going to be either Real
Estate Secrets or Property Preservation Secrets. If I have an epiphany
about another name, there may be a 3rd option.

Off the top of your head, what do you think?

The overall premise of the group is going to be getting into and working in
the property preservation industry.

But, in the past, there’s been lots of talk about general business
strategies like:
*getting a DUNS number
*obtaining a FEIN number
*starting business credit
*tax liens
*side hustles for extra income

Plus, anything else I can think of that would be helpful to our collective

There’s still time to join me in Chicago on March 17th for the live event.
You can visit this link here for tickets.

If you’re serious about going, I have a few more discounted tix available. Comment below or email me for a link. 

But for those of you from out of state, what do you think about a live
webinar where you get to “try before you buy?” Basically, it will be a 3
hour session where I go through the entire process of getting a contract
from start to finish. If you don’t find the content to be the most amazing
presentation ever, you simply email me and you won’t be charged.

How does that sound?

Anyhoo – think about it and let me know. I look forward to hearing from

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