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The REAL Reason You’re Struggling. #SteppingOverDollarsForPennies

The REAL Reason You’re Struggling. #SteppingOverDollarsForPennies

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again with this blog post.

Your failure to FOCUS on one area where you’re most skilled is the sole reason why you keep falling short of your financial goals. 

You keep stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.

In other words, you neglect the day to day process of working ON your business in favor of chasing a few hundred dollars because you desperately need it to pay the light bill or pay daycare or put gas on the car.

I get it.

But you HAVE to stop. 

That quick few hundreds of dollars is literally costing you THOUSANDS of dollars in the long term. 

Allow me to explain my situation below from 2009. Let’s call it Exhibit A, shall we:


In 2009 alone I had 7 different HUSTLES

1) Real estate agent

2) Selling used cars to come up with bail money for my brother

3) Fixing credit

4) Loan modifications

5) Broker price opinions

6) 5Linx

7) A temp job


And all of this utter chaos and confusion culminated in a lousy $30k dollars per year. I literally could have picked ANY of these areas to focus on exclusively and yield at least that same number or better. 


More is not always better – and especially not as it pertains to building a business.

Also, don’t let struggling entrepreneurs talk you out of leaving your 9 to 5 pm 🙂

Granted, I’ve never been guilty of this but I see a lot and I’m certain more than a few of these folks have raggedy, inconsistent income streams just like what you see below. 


It took about 3 years of this before I really got serious about being an entrepreneur. Oh….it also took me failing to get hired for a corporate job as well because I CERTAINLY went running back a few times. 


I certainly wasn’t making the money I wanted during these first few years. Hell, I wasn’t even making what I was earning as an auditor. But, I knew that I wanted better and if I could stop bullshitting I would get there. I really didn’t stop screwing around as an entrepreneur until I was pregnant with my first baby to be completely honest. 


It would be 2011 before I surpassed my corporate income. And just 3 years after that, I would go from $30k per year to $30k per month in gross revenue. 

That ONLY happened because I laser focused on ONE THING that I wanted to do which was operate a property preservation business.


Stop trying to wear 10 different hats and get you a hat that’s TAILOR MADE for you!


Sending love and light your way!

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