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The Myth of Natural Talent

The Myth of Natural Talent

If you had to choose between being blessed with an overabundance of natural talent OR be blessed with a never-give-up against-all-odds attitude – which would you choose?

Up until the last 2 years or so, I likely would have picked natural talent as the automatic winner between the two. 

But, there’s lots of research out there that indicates that those who relentlessly pursue an activity will ultimately win out over those that are merely talented. 

In fact, there’s even more research that seems to indicate that natural talent is just an outright myth! This research shows that our outcomes are a direct result of how much “grit” we have and NOT natural talent. 

In a nutshell, natural talent can only take a person so far. After that point, it’s ALL about the work ethic and the grind.

Is it me or does this make a whole lot of sense?

I know so many people, including myself, that are super intelligent and yet continuously fall short of their stated goals and aspirations. Meanwhile, I think everyone knows the stories of people like Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who DROPPED OUT of college and went on to become billionaires. But, what you need to know about these 3 wildly successful people is that their work ethic was unparalleled. If you read the biographies, you will see they all shared a complete and utter obsession with their craft. THAT, my friends, is the difference maker. 

Anyhoo, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. As for me, I’m gonna stick with a never give up attitude as my personal preference. What about you?

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