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The #1 Reason Why So Many Women Won’t Succeed

The #1 Reason Why So Many Women Won’t Succeed

I was in the middle of a consultation yesterday (which was going
wonderfully I should add) and the lady on the phone wanted to invite her
husband to the call. So, of course, I agreed because the more the merrier,

Well, the husband gets on the phone and I greet him and ask how he’s doing
and his response is: “what this is?”


So, I ignored that and stated my name again and asked how he was doing.

His response: silence

So, me being the super professional (with a touch of hood) individual that
I am lol, I continue on with the consultation as before.

But, now the ENTIRE environment is different! It’s full of doubt, mistrust,
fear and who knows what else.

After that call, I just sat for a minute and thought about what I had just
experienced. I wasn’t upset about missing out on a potential client and I
wasn’t even upset at the husband’s attitude on the call. You see, I have
experienced that a few times before.

I was really more frustrated with the sheer number of women I see that just
defer and ultimately give up on their dreams and goals because of lack of
support from their significant other.

Now, please don’t get me wrong – I’m NOT referring to a healthy back and
forth between a couple about their respective dreams, visions, and goals.

I’m referring to women that are in relationships and their significant
other NEVER support their vision. They shoot down every idea you have.
They criticize and ridicule and give you a long list of reasons as to why
something won’t work.

Meanwhile –

This person has NEVER gone after their dreams nor do they have any real
insight into why they are so against your dreams.

I’m not a marriage counselor, advisor, life coach or anything of the sort,
so I’m not advocating for anyone to end their relationship.

I do want you to know that your partner’s fears, insecurities, depression, and pessimism will ABSOLUTELY affect your life and your ability to be a
conqueror. The manner in which you decide to handle that is entirely up to you. 

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