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Possible To Work A 9 To 5 AND Run Your Business As A Repair Vendor?

Possible To Work A 9 To 5 AND Run Your Business As A Repair Vendor?

So, the million dollar question people ask about getting into this industry is this: “Is it possible to keep my full-time job AND run my business as a repair vendor?”

My answer: it’s possible for maybe 10% of the people that ask the question. 

If you are already exhausted by the end of the day RIGHT NOW with just one job – where will you obtain the energy and focus to then deal with the headaches that come with being a repair vendor? The answer is that you likely won’t be able to find the energy and your time as a property preservation vendor will be short-lived.

It will also be very difficult if you aren’t able to text and/or take phone calls at work during the day. While I would love to tell you that, you can delegate the work to your team the night before and they will execute it perfectly without a hitch the very next day…that would be a blatant lie.

You will get calls asking for gas money, directions, lock box codes, questions about the actual work order, issues with neighbors and on and on.  At the end of the day, no one will ever care about your business in the way that you do. Also, certain things can only be handled by the owner. 

In my opinion, the people that are able to still work a 9 to 5 and operate their business have these 4 qualities:

1) They have a specific plan in terms of the revenue they want to generate and their ultimate profit margin for the business

2) They have outstanding time and money management skills. They are also phenomenal at delegating work assignments.

3) They some flexibility in their job and are able to communicate during the day.

4) They have simply decided that they are going to make it work regardless of what obstacles are in their path. 

For those of you have that have jobs and are working the business – what are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

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