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Help…I’m Great At Everything! How Do I Focus On One Thing?

Help…I’m Great At Everything! How Do I Focus On One Thing?

I hear lots of people ask this same question over and over again:

“How do I decide what to focus on because I’m so good at sooo many things?”

Keep reading to find out my answer below.

#1) You’re probably not as great at so many things as you think, to be
honest. This was a harsh realization that I had to learn for myself the
hard way. Of course, we all like to believe that we are uniquely talented
across a wide variety of skill sets. In reality, the vast majority of
people are good at just a few things. Ask yourself this question: what do
you absolutely slay at doing that is completely effortless AND that you
love doing?

That’s where you should direct your energy because that is likely where
you’ll see the largest return on your investment.

For example, I was always really strong at math to the point where I
received a full 4-year scholarship to Clark Atlanta University on a math
scholarship. I declined the offer because while I’m good at it, I really
don’t even like doing it. It’s not my thing.

Looking back, it’s pretty funny that I made this decision for myself at the
very young age of 17 without consulting a single soul about it. I lost this
intuitive ability I had to make the very best decisions for myself for a
while, but I’ve reclaimed it over the past 3 years or so.

So, my only point is to spend your time doing what you love doing and
that’s completely effortless for you. I think every single person has at
least 1 thing that they do better than anyone else with minimal effort. And
don’t let people try to make you feel bad because you don’t want to do
something, even though you’re good at it.

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