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Changes To The Preservation Industry

Changes To The Preservation Industry

So, it looks like there are 2 major nationals that are actively recruiting
– which is awesome.

I’ve said many times that beginning at the start of grass cut season is

Also, there are lots of changes with the vendor approval process for some
of the larger companies.

#1) Testing is required now for one company that didn’t require it before!
AND, you have to achieve a 97% on the test to move to the next level!

#2) More and more companies are moving to requiring vendors to obtain
insurance through a handful of companies. Usually, vendors could obtain
their insurance from whatever company they desired. Now it seems as though
the preservation companies want to dictate where vendors obtain their

I just wanted to share this quick update so you’re aware of the process
once you decide to get started.

There are still 10 seats left for the Chicago live event where I’m going to
walk people through the application process on the spot. If you use
discount code: “chicago” the tickets are only $97 bucks.

If you aren’t local, then you should tune in to our webinar next weekend.
You can find all the deets here:

That’s it for today.

Time to slay this week!

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