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5 Reasons Being A “Strong Black Woman” Is Hurting Your Business

5 Reasons Being A “Strong Black Woman” Is Hurting Your Business

In the past year, I’ve had the idea that just maybe this whole idea of being a “strong Black woman” is actually more harmful than not. 

I think this is especially true as it relates to business.  Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You think your success hinges on how strong you can be. (i.e. how much bullshit and pain you can tolerate).

2. You don’t ask for help – because you see asking for help as something only weak women do. So you pretend as if you’re this superwoman that’s holding it down in all categories: your man, your children, your day job, your side hustles, AND your businesses. If anyone asks how you’re doing, you are quick to hit em with the “I’m blessed and highly favored” conversation.

3. You don’t show vulnerability because again that is for weak women. Day after day you interact with people that can help you in multiple ways but because you pretend to have everything covered, no one thinks to offer you any type of assistance. 

4. You refuse to let go of control. You don’t delegate and you don’t even know how. You think that this makes you a boss but it really just shows that you’re scared for anyone else to see behind that facade you’re hanging on to for dear life.

5. You don’t invest in training and development for your business – not because you don’t have the money, however. You don’t invest because you don’t have the time to allocate to obtain new skills to help break some of your life long cycles.


Now, you might be telling yourself at this point that you “work better under pressure” and so none of this applies to you. 


But, honestly, how would you even know? After all, when was the last time you were NOT completely stressed out and managing a gazillion projects?


Signed –

A (Former) Strong Black Woman

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