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Danielle Pierce is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker with a passion and extensive knowledge for all things real estate and entrepreneurship. She tailors her approach so it is unique to each audience. So, whether you are looking to book a speaker for a professional women’s conference, youth entrepreneur group, disadvantaged youth organization or general networking event, Danielle is sure to bring insightful and thoughtful commentary.


Hi, I’m Danielle Pierce. I am a 13 year full time real estate entrepreneur. My super power is helping individuals get started in the real estate industry and create profitable six figure businesses without selling anything, building a team, or stressing over unreasonable buyers and sellers.

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A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, by way of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship, Danielle Pierce has an accounting degree which she has not utilized in over 12 years.  She began her entrepreneurial career after a sudden layoff from her corporate audit position. Danielle took this as a sign from the Heavens that she was meant to be a full time entrepreneur. Although she did look back a time or two (or three lol), she has held on to the reigns of entrepreneurship and never plans to let go.

Danielle’s online courses and group training programs (Real Estate Profit Lab), teach aspiring business owners  how to establish and grow profitable six figure enterprises within the real estate industry, outside of sales. Her current areas of specialization include the following: tax lien investing and managing bank owned properties.

Danielle is an author, highly regarded speaker, the founder of a highly specialized real estate consulting firm, and a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. She loves house music and can usually be found somewhere making it rain for her 3 little ones.

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